How do I keep internet screen active longer?

Here's the problem. I have a small internet business, and it seems that every time I'm away from my computer for two minutes (actually it is several) the screen goes inactive, the screensaver (Pipes) comes on, and I have to hit a key to get the active screen back. That was annoying enough, but last week, I guess due to some AOL automatic upgrading, when the active internet screen goes down, it is now a 2-step process to bring it back. I hit any key as I did before, but now, after that, I get the blue start-up screen, so I have to point the arrow at the icon to get the internet screen back again. I'm now performing this 2-step process many times a day. Is there some way to change the timing so that the screen stays active longer while I am not actively working the keys? Or to get the screen to just stay active until I log the heck off?

Even if you donít know the answer to this--thanks anyway for your time! -- Tom