I am in desperate need of assistance.
I came home last night to find some very questionable videos downloading via frostwire.
I assumed at first it was my fiancé, who lives with me, but he'd been at work all day and no one else other than the two of us has access to the computer.
I took it to my dad's who found that these downloads have been going on for several months now and that all these videos were in my recycle bin, which was hidden.
I was not even aware that I had frostwire on my computer and my fiancé swears up and down that he didn't either.
I've been with him for 5 years and I know him better, or so I hope, but if things don't get figured out soon, our future together may be in jeopardy...
... so I ask, is it possible for some virus, or worm, or whatever else to get on my computer and do things like downloading?

Please hurry...