I have a page of about 40K followers. When our community was only about 28K, posts used to get an average of 120 likes. Our content is educational (teaching English), but we have been incorporating meme posts and then boost them (with no targeted audience, only country). The post would then reach over 1K likes with only $1. Ever since then, I believe some unwanted followers were added to our community, who were not necessarily interested in our regular content. Furthermore, one of our posts went viral which mustered around 10K new followers in one week (organic). I think the same thing happened as the post was not strictly in line with our content type. Now, some posts reach over 2 thousands users while the average likes of posts is only around 60 likes. When our page used to have only 29K, post reach would be around 1K and post likes would be around 100 likes. Now, post reach is around 3k to 4k and post likes go up down but the average is 60 likes. It's getting worse. I would be very grateful if you could provide me with some proper advice to fix this.