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    Aug 15, 2006, 04:01 AM
    Annoying Internet Bar over the Task Bar
    My grandson has messed around with my computer and an annoying Bar
    now sits over the Task bar when on the internet.

    To the extreme left is Internet Explorer logo [e] followed by DONE.
    To the extreme right is a Blue Globe followed by INTERNET.

    If a URL is clicked the bar then shows : Connecting to Site , followed
    by the IP address and a thick horizontal loading line to the right.

    Once the site is loaded it reverts to DONE

    Clicking on the Blue Ball brings up the Lexplore Window with :
    "This program has performed an illegal operation
    and will be shut down"

    How do I get rid of this Nuisance which tends to slow up things ?
    Thanks for any imput... my system is :

    Sony Vaio... PCV 150
    OS.. . Win 95 4.00.900 B
    IE... 55.00.2314.1003
    Processor.. Pentium with MMX[TM] technology
    233 MHZ
    Cache ram.. 512 kB
    Bios Version... 4A3NTOXO.04A.0010.P01
    Motherboard... AN430TX
    Chipset... 82430TXMy
    Memory... PC 133.. 64 MB [SDRAM]
    HD... 4 Gig... 2 gig unused
    CD Rom Drive.. 52X Lite-ON.Model LTN 529SV05C..
    CD Rom Drive... Letter 'G'
    Sound Card... Yamaha OPL3-SA Version 1.0.00
    Driver C\windows\system\vopl3sa.vxd
    File Version 3.021
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    Aug 15, 2006, 05:11 AM
    Start by going to the Control Panel then open Add/Remove Programs, look for anyhting that does not look familiar to you and remove it from there first. If you are uncertain what one of those entries might be then come back and post here and ask us about it.

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