I have a small shower stall off the master bedroom. The 2 corner walls are tiled & then there is a 3 panel enclosure that sits on a base. When we had the 3 panel enclosure replaced 10 years ago, the installer said something about not caulking the inside where the metal of the panels meet the tile and base... or not caulking the outside where the metal meets the tile and base. I can't remember which... I recently caulked everything... the inside, outside, all around the bottom, and up the sides. It looked nice... but after about 2 weeks the caulk around the bottom near the door, got goopy & when I pushed on it a stream of water poured out. So now I have removed all the caulking and can't find the installation book that advises whether to caulk inside or outside and whether to caulk up the walls inside or outside. If I had the extra cash I'd have a one-piece unit installed & be done with it! But I don't so I'm stuck caulking and hoping it holds each time. Thanks in advance if anyone can help me. I'm going nuts with this thing! :eek:
Thanks, Melinda