As everyone knows April and May in OK have been extremely WET. I had thought my major problem was in cleaning the mud out of flooded storage buildings, repairing the dirt floor of my carport and being stuck at home while waiting for our country road to be repaired, washed out, repaired, washed out, repaired, washed out about five times now.
We are on a hill so water doesn't stand but our road is "the" channel for runoff from higher up on down to the lake below us to the west.
I just discovered the concrete slab on which my cinder block home is built is saturated and my kitchen, bathroom and pump room floors have a thin film of water on them. This part of the house is about ten inches lower than the rest and is on the downhill side. It is also the uncarpeted area. I'm waiting to see if my carpets get wet. Oh, please no!! They may be ugly but they're all I have.
Can someone tell me what damages besides the obvious of loosened tile and rotten carpets may be? Most of this land cannot be dug without hitting rock nearly at the surface but it is scattered rock, not a solid slab. If I survive this do I need to do something to prevent it happening again? Help this poor old widow, please. I ain't dumb but this is NOT my area of expertise!