I just recently removed carpeting and padding from my main living area (gotta love having 3 dogs and a long haired cat!! ) and had stained concrete floors made, finished with a thick coat of epoxy (again, love those dogs). While I'm using quarter round trim to finish along the baseboards, I'm trying to figure the best option for transitioning between the travertine and concrete/epoxy... the travertine is raised somewhere between 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch along the entraces from the foyer and kitchen in both rooms. The family room is finished in a distressed plank pattern, and I have a sample board in the same finish that will allow me to match stain to try to blend in for that room. The other room is more difficult, as the pattern is more of a random swirled rust/red/gold marble like finish. Any ideas?

Also, in the family room, I am hoping to use the transition to hide speaker wire going to the back wall and I'm assuming I can do that by ripping a small channel in the transition for it to run through (it will be hidden behind the quarter round along the baseboards). Are there any downsides I'm not thinking about here?

Thanks in advance!!