I'm getting ready to begin tiling my bathroom. The size is approximately 5x12 with one pocket door leading to another room. I'll be laying 16x16 ceramic tile, and I have a few questions.

1. Should I cut the tile along the wall where the door is to allow the tile to extend into the doorway? I do plan on tiling the other room in the near future, but not at the same time as I do this room, so the same tile will continue.

2.What's the recommended size for a piece against a wall when you have to cut? I know I don't want to end up with a sliver along a wall, so I would cut some off the opposite, wall where I begin,to compensate, I'm just not sure what size is best. I was thinking about four inches.

3. There is a large gap between the sheetrock and the floor and I could run the tile under the sheetrock. Is there any reason not to do this, or does it matter?

Thanks... Randy