Hi !

My husband dropped the ash on the linoleum... and it has burned a small indent

Into the linoleum.


There is a small little indent hole like thing.. about 1/16 in deep and 1/4 inch wide... inside of

The circumference of the brown mark itself.. which is about size of small pea.

Does anyone know how to repair this?

My husband read that a person could sand it... so he did lightly... and.. it stripped charcoal

Part of what it burned. But... Once he got that charcoal area skimmed off... he saw that if

He sanded anymore.. he would get into the backing part of the linoleum. And he did not

Want to do any more damage.

He also read he could try Goo off. But that did not do anything.

Any other suggestions.

I realize that probably not too many people repair linoleum... but, hopefully

There is someone out there ? This burned area is near the back door slider door.

Thanks so much ! Meg.