I had a leak under my kitchen sink. It damaged the under-sink wood flooring until it sunk (warped) four or five inches down. Then it leaked through the hot water pipe hole and into my unfinished basement. I cut out a hole under the sink, using a jigsaw, and I don't see any water damage underneath. I think that it must have just drained through to the basement and I have no worries there.

But I need to replace the under-sink flooring with a flat board. Is there a way to knock out or cut out that board and replace it with a new one? I see that there are staples around the front of the board, above the kick-board. But I don't know how the sides of the board are attached. I'm afraid that maybe the under-cabinet flooring is one big piece extending over to the cabinets on each side of the sink. How can I replace that one warped section?

I hope this makes sense.