I have a bathroom (at the church I belong to) that has a hard type of vinyl tile in it. A toilet has overflowed 2 times in the past and flooded the floor. As a result, a lot of the tile has come loose. I have the replacement VINYL tile, but need to know how to continue. Under the tile is black adhesive that was laid on a concrete floor. I searched prior forums for info and have an idea what I may be up against, but am not sure. Can I lay the new vinyl tile over that black adhesive without causing any problems? I know it must be free of bumps. If I can - great! If not, do I really need to remove all the prior adhesive? This is a ladies bathroom with four stalls and it a lot of surface area to tackle. Also - does the black adhesive potentially contain asbestos - it was laid in the around 1990. Any info you may be able to direct my way would be greatly appreciated.