We had some old tile removed from our basement floor in preparation for putting down carpeting, and now there's a terrible smell which I assume is from the adhesive residue. We've been advised not to try to get the adhesive out - it's probably asbestos (the tile turned out to be - had to do some major damage control!), and we're told it'll be a major deal to get rid of it safely. (Told this by the guy we would have had to pay to do it, so I trust his answer!) But the smell is terrible, and I doubt a carpet will seal it in, which means we have to do something before we can have that long-awaited carpeting installed. So far, the only recommendation we got was to paint the floor - possibly with KILZ. Being very new to this, and having already messed up with the tile, I'd like to get some corroboration that it's a good idea and will work - or to hear other recommendations.