We have a new house with a basement and I would like to apply Drylock to the block walls before we move in, for two reasons:

1) Clean up/lighten the walls to make it a little cleaner and brighter down there
2) Add a little insurance in the waterproofing department--we have other waterproofing measures in place already

My question is about the Drylock masonry waterproofer products. Could anyone comment on the Latex Base, Oil Base, Extreme Latex-Base, and Powdered products found here: UGL - DRYLOK® Masonry - Masonry Waterproofer

How difficult are they to apply and work with? Which results in a better final coating? What is the point of the powdered version?

Sorry to ask so much, but this seems like a great place to get some information, and I hope that you can help me make a decision. Thanks in advance!