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    Nov 13, 2018, 07:14 PM
    Condensation Prevention Between Custom Chair Mat and Carpet
    The project is a long lasting custom chair mat that will be used on carpet flooring. My concern is condensation underneath.

    The plan is to float laminate tile on OSB with edge molding.
    The materials list --- - OSB for sub floor - Laminate tile - Edging

    I'll need to prevent condensation/moisture between the OSB and the carpet at the computer desk.

    I'm thinking 1/8" holes drilled every 6" in the OSB will be sufficient to allow air movement under the floating laminate without compromising the strength of the OSB.

    Will this prevent condensation? Could I be providing a heaven for mold instead? Any knowledge, suggestions, and advise would be appreciated. TIA.

    Additional information the current setup is a plastic mat with carpet remnants taped on it. The tape doesn't hold the carpet well, the plastic mat has broken, and there is a musty smell underneath it. I'll allow the carpet to dry out and treat it for mold before using the new custom mat.

    I tried several searches, including on this forum, but apparently, I don't know what to search for. My apologies if this question has been answer before.

    Again, TIA.

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