... that is the question, and here is my situation:

I'm getting ready to drop in my Kholer 60" one piece fiberglass shower (no tub) on my basement concrete floor. I've asked two different contractor friends whether or not I should set in concrete. One said definitely, without hesitation. He said I could set in wet or even dry concrete, with the condition that the dry concrete would eventually harden from the moisture from the air.

The other contractor looked at the bottom of the unit and saw that it is reinforced with about 1/2" plywood, which is integrated into the fiberglass floor, and said that it probably did not need to be set in concrete. We looked at the installation instructions that came with it and it did not say to use any form of support under it... just set it in place and install the drain.

The bottom does have blocks on the sides and back that it would sit on, so the center of the floor would be suspended over the slab floor somewhat... about 1/2" to 3/4".

I would like to get more input on whether I should use the concrete. I guess I am hesitant to use it as I am concerned that it would setup prior to getting it situated into the final resting place, and then I would have a mess on my hands. The thing is large, awkard and heavy and will take a few people to lift it into place.

Thanks... Randy