I'm using a small space in my house to make a small closet. There is only enough width to have a 36" door opening. I would like to use a pair of bifold doors. Each door would have two panels, each 9" wide (4 x 9" = 36"). I'm looking for the type with louvers on the top and solid on the bottom to match other doors on my home's closets.

However, I have not been able to find a source. The smallest panel width in the stores is 12", or 24" for a 2 panel door. I checked at Home Depot to see if they could special order, but they said no. I could use an alternate method. Use one 12" bifold (24" wide) and use only one 12" panel from another 2 panel door.

Does anyone know of a source - store or web - for the 9" bifold doors?

Thanks, Tom