Looking for anyone who has actual practical experience (that what you did actually worked well) in covering vinyl wrapped sheetrock walls used in modular homes. It's like a slightly textured vinyl wallpaper that is on 3/8" sheetrock panels on the walls and there are visible seams every 4'

What I'm wondering is this: How can I paint it?

This is a side room, not much public view area, and I'm willing to take a shot at DIY.

This is my plan: fix any loose nails, prime with a non-porous surface primer, apply a non-woven wall liner or bridging material and fill in joints of wall liner w/ joint compound and paint. Will this work? Will the primer adhere well enough to the vinyl to hold the wall liner? Or could the vinyl actually peel off the sheetrock if the primer or the wall liner adhesive loosens the vinyl adhesive? I've chosen non-woven wall liner to bridge the seams of the vinyl wrapped sheetrock, to avoid having to tape and joint compound those, no knowing if joint compound will adhere to the vinyl.

Also, do I need to remove/replace the door and window trim at all, or does wall liner easily fit inside the trim (I've never actually wall papered anything before, but I am assuming that if you wall paper you don't remove trim and put the paper underenath the trim do you? Is it same for wall liner or is the thickness different?) I haven't purchased any product yet, just doing research to make my plan. I am also not planning to cover the ceiling with anything nor paint it, nor is there cornice trim there. It is textured drywall ceiling.

I'd really rather not have to re drywall everything.

If you answer, please try to cover as many points as possible. THANKS!