My son hit a tree trying to avoid a dog in the street.
Thank goodness he and no one else was hurt.
Situation: car and insurance is under my name.
Should I file a claim with the insurance company let them handle it or pay out of pocket to repair the car? (1995 acura intergra, btw)
Damages look pretty significant, most likely be over my deductible.
A quick glance, damages appear to be broken radiator, oil leak (maybe oil pan) front bumper, left headlights, front left fender, engine hood, driver side door doesn't close (assuming the worst, frame damage)
1st concern is the airbags had deployed, so I am assuming it will be considered salvage and won't be worth repairing.
2nd concern, I can't afford either the cost of repairs or increased premiums.
Any constructive advice is appreciated, thanks.