I`m in the process of submitting a bid for 5 locations . The sq ft varies but most are around 20,000 sq ft . How much should I charge for strip and wax? How much should weekly burnishing cost ? Is there a discount for 5 locations? There are some high traffic area that haven't been properly maintained and will be a task to get to shine again if tile isn't too damaged. I have did a VCT on smaller facilities that had similar tile damage and I was able to get it clean but it still had visible stains but much better than beforehand. I know that it varies by region, I`m in the Mid -South Memphis Area. I have read that I need a gas Burnisher which is`nt problem . I also will need an auto scrubber because a regular buffer will crash and burn . I have several buffers but I'm willing to invest in proper equipment needed to get the job done right. I also have not received a scope f work from District Manager with specs. I was told to speak with tore manager and he would give me the scope of work. O was expecting this to be in writing . He just told me what he expected I measured the location myself it was almost 20,000 sq ft with office in the back , two rest rooms and a break room . All are VCT. Should the District Manager have Scope of work for all locations with sq ft cleanable? Or should I go to each location measure and speak with the manager? Any information will be greatly appreciated