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    Feb 25, 2009, 11:24 PM
    US citizen marrying a UK citizen and moving to the UK
    I am a US citizen planning on marrying my British girlfriend. I was told by the British Immigration Agency that it would be best to marry here in the US and apply here for the Settlement Visa of a Spouse, because it would be quicker. Is this true and how long will this take if done in the US or if done in the UK? She works and can't stay long so I want her to just come here for the week, we get married, I would then apply for the Visa and then at what point can I move there and get a job? Please tell me the exact step by step procedure to doing all of this? Can this be done without an attorney? I am hearing that I will have to prove that this is a legit marriage. Will we be interviewed and if so where? US or UK? Also, what sort of proof is necessary to prove that this is a legit marriage? Would my passport being stamped from 6 visits to the UK in the last 2.5 yrs be enough? If there is any other info you think I need please add it. This is so important to us and I don't want to mess things up.

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    Feb 26, 2009, 11:25 PM

    Dear Sir:

    It is best and faster to marry your girlfriend in the USA and sponsor her ASAP, as she will receive a work permit within 3 months and a green card in 6-9 months, an attorney is helpful.

    Kumar Paturi Esq.
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    Feb 27, 2009, 08:37 AM
    We do not want to live here in the US we want to live in the UK. Also I am now being told that we can marry but I can't apply for the marriage settlement Visa until I am 21. I am 19. So they told me at the immigration agency in the UK says we can marry but then I have to go back home. Is there another way to be able to stay and work there after marriage.

    So now knowing this situation what should I do.
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    Jun 18, 2009, 02:31 PM
    This is really late response, but I'm in the same position as you. Just recently (november 2008) they changed the law to 21 instead of 18. So pretty much there's not really all that much you can do. I have tried ever single thing possible. Your options are these...
    - Working Visa - The reason this is so hard though is because the only reason the UK will hire someone out of the UK or Europe is if they can prove that there is NO ONE in the EU that can do that job better. You have to get sponsership and I'm pretty sure it costs the company money. So it's usually impossible unless your in a really high job.. owning your own business, a doctor, or a lawyer. Something of that sort.
    - Student Visa - but... there's not much you gain from that other than being there. You have to be enrolled in a college which will be very expensive. You can't work, you have to prove you have sufficient funds, and you have to leave right when your student visa goes bad.
    - Visitors visa - This is what I have to do. Luckily because we are American citizens we are part of the Visa free waiver program which means US citizens get an automatic 6 months granteed visa free. We have really close ties with UK so that's the reason we are part of this. You get a stamp in your passport and a 6 month free pass you have to prove a few things beacause they get a bit iffy if your staying more than 2 or 3 months. So you need to make sure you have your tickets and a statement from the airport showing you've bought your return ticket and have the EXACT date your coming back. You should be able to tell them who's picking you up from the airport, know the exact address to where your staying, and prove you have enough money to support you for the next 180 days.

    So what I'm going to be doing until I can properly get married to my boyfriend is go over for 6 months and stay with him and then sadly you don't really have an option but to come back home for 6 months and then keep doing that back and fourth for the next couple years. It sucks but it's pretty much the easiest way. If I were you I'd wait to get married until 21 because it makes getting the visa and everyone way easier. If you get married now you'll pretty much be wasting that oppurtunity. It sucks waiting and you don't get many options, but on the brightside if you use the visitors visa thing you pretty much are only staying in america for a year during that 2 year span. You'll be with your girlfriend for a year in total and that's better than nothing. Its very difficult though I get where your coming from, I've been trying to find a way to move with my boyfriend for years. That's pretty much your options though until your 21.

    If you have any other questions just email me: [email protected]
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    Jun 23, 2009, 05:59 AM

    Here is the rules as they relate to your case:

    As you know, you are not classified as a visa national. Consequently, you can enter the UK at anytime as a visitor for a maximum period of 6 months - which you have been doing for the 2.5 years.

    Regarding your intention to get married and to reside in the UK. It matters not where the marriage takes place, however, if you decide that you would prefer to get married in the UK - do not enter as a visitor with that intention. Entering as a visitor with an intention to get married, would be illegal because you would have gained entry for the wrong reasons, reasons that are contrary to the landing conditions of a visitor.

    In light of the above you have two obvious options:

    1. Your UK partner can invite you as a fiancÚ but you will have to get married within 6 months of the US partner date of entry. Additionally, you would, I believe have to apply for a certificate of approval - essentially, the Secretary of State's permission to get married in the UK.

    2. This is the recommended option. Get married in the US and let your UK partner apply for spousal visa which will last for 2 years. Assuming the marriage remains subsistent, after the probationary period, you will be granted indefinite leave to remain - pretty much the same as a green card holder in the States.

    Evidence of your travel to the UK coupled with them love letters, long distance phone bill illustrating the other party's number are sufficient evidence of a legitimate relationship.

    Here is a link with the required information:

    UK Border Agency | Husbands, wives and civil partners
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    Dec 15, 2009, 02:18 PM
    The US NON-Visa is CRAP!!
    Yes, it is stamped right on your passport 6month... but they only like you to be there a week-two weeks at most. I've traveled for years to the UK on Holiday and I was just denied enrty to the UK for a 3 month Holiday with my boyfriend and I had all my proof that I had reason to leave the UK at the end of those three months, we had the local immigration services agency involved, an Immigration Lawyer, and the Local British MP, (who all ruled in our favour of me staying in the UK for Holiday) trying to get the UKBA to change my deny of entry, and the UKBA would not!. so now I am back in the US.
    The really sad thing is not only are we not together sharing Christmas, New Years, and Valentines, but we had planned many trip with in that three month time and lost all our money on flights and hotels that we had been saving for and planning five months before.
    Also with in that five months time we had done all our research on both the US and UK travel websites to see if there was anything else that I would need as far as documentation for my extended Holiday... there was nothing!!

    Now I am trying to apply for a Visa which I may or may not be given, and because of my denied entry, I will also now never be allowed to enter as a general visitor as I was fingerprinted and photed for interpol, and now it will be hard for me to travel anywhere out of the US, because my passport is now flagged... I was Screwed by the UKBA!! I am Pissed off and there is nothing I can do!! This really SUCK!!
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    Nov 30, 2010, 02:42 PM
    My boyfried lives in us and he is coming on holidays for xmas can we marry? Please

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    Jan 26, 2011, 02:56 PM
    My fiancÚ and I wish to move to ispwich, england where his family is. He is a british citizen and I am american. We live in New Jersey america as of now, and have a 1 month old child. I understand it'd be easier to get married in the us and move to uk applying for a spousal visa for myself since I am 22 and he is 34. My question is how long until I can receive a work permit? Because our idea is to get married over here, he'll go over and secure a job and place to live so he can be considered "present and settled" while I stay in america and work as well to save up.
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    May 15, 2012, 02:22 PM
    I'm in the same boat too :( I don't understand any of this mess.. why do we have to fall in love with people so far away haha.. I live in the uk and my fiancÚ in us.. but he's also on probation.. does this make things even more difficult ? I miss him dearly
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    Feb 3, 2013, 01:36 AM
    I know this is a very late reply. But I hope that if your situation isn't resolved, that my note to you will be.

    | am an American citizen with perminant resident status to live in the UK
    My husband, who is a British citizen (by birth), came to the US with me and we married there. We came back to the UK, but I did have to go back to the US in order to arrange the paperwork.

    YOU DO NOT need an attorney. They make big bucks from you and give you nothing in return. Request your form, have all the requiered documents at hand, i.e. marriage certificate (originals on all only) proof of employment in the UK, him or you, whichever applies and after he submits the documents, the fingerprinting *free, and a US passport, and the fee, you can send to a person who handles only this type thing. In the USA, you are not allowed to "just" walk into the British Consulate. They will answer a question or 2 via phone for you but that's it.
    As I was from the state of Texas, the only persons handling my documents direc tly to the Consulate was in Los Angeles. I paid him $200 he informed me at all times via email of documents that I needed or info that needed to be explained.
    He then took it directly to the British Consulate for me; I don't think it took more than 3 days to receive a phone call from the Consulate. They wanted to know if I had travel plans to the UK, which I did, and I informed them of the date. My passport was sent to me in a matter of days and I was allowed through UKBA with no worries.
    As there is a probation, your case might be different. Also, he must be 21 years of age.

    I hope this helps. I have been living here in the UK for close to 3 years now

    That's my experience. Of coarse, Im sure that all cases are different. But you will find that marriage in the USA is way easier and is also excepted by the UK.

    Good luck:))

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