I have married my wife almost 8 years ago. She is a US born citizen. Afterwards I applied for the work permit which I received shortly after. Unfortunately, when we got married, I was out of status just by few days. We also filed the application, but I never received my conditional green card. We lived happily together for a while and then we started to have some personal difficulties. I got a great job offer in different state, and we made a mutual decision that we would be better of me taking the job and living separate for a while. Well, we stayed like that for few years, until now. Don't ask me why, but I never thought about adjusting my status and taking care of my residency. I just renewed my work permit every year. Recently my wife called me and asked me what my plans are... so there I go? What options do I have please? I will greatly appreciate any advise. Thank you so much in advance,