I was placed on the Philippine immigration blacklist for overstaying about 5 years ago and was wondering if anyone knows a reputable attorney in the Philippines to help me have it removed. This is what happened back in 2006 I was in the Philippines and ran into money trouble so while there I contacted the US Embassy in Manila to see what could be done and the Embassy assisted me in getting a repatriation loan so that I could return back to the US included in this I had to contact the then Immigration Commissioner Fernandez to get a waiver of fees on my visa which I had to agree to be placed on the blacklist until I repaid the amount that I owed which was about 9200pesos after returning to the US I contacted the bureau of immigration to get the info for re paying the fees and was informed that I needed to petition the commissioner, to get a reputable attorney to file the petition and pay a few additional fees along with the original amount owed My question is does anyone know a reputable attorney or has been through this process or any other information so I can return there to my family?