Help advice needed!

I am blacklisted from Phil but not for any felony or charge. In fact nothing I did could have been arrested for. The reason given for my exclusion was unruly behavior. On Jan 6th returning home with my domestic helper I protested that my domestic helper was not to be allowed to return to the Hong Kong where she is employed. She had travelled to Manila airport the previous day to gan her OEC. The POA desk at Manila airport said she could only get an OEC on her date of travel. That this was available from Clark where we were to depart. Because the flight left at 7 am and the Clark POA did not open till 9am there was no one to process her OEC. When we checked in the airline said that they could not check her in unless we paid the travel departure tax. So I paid the 1750 peso. When we got to Immigration they would not exit my DH without an OEC and regardless of the tax just paid. This was a catch 22 and because I protested the situation the immigration officer said she would recommend me for blacklist. I asked her what for and she said arguing and not respecting the Immigration Department. The whole incident took less than 5 minutes and I have since been banned for "unruly behavior" It seems that once a immigration officer files for this if the commissioner of immigration accepts the report then a blacklist can be put in force. This is amazing as there is no apparent appeal process. Furthermore the department in this is acting as Judge, Jury and Executioner. All for a non crime. What can one do in this situation?