Feb. 2004 my fiancé can to the USA on a K-1 visa. We married 16 April 2004. About a year and a half later when I told her she had to slow down on her spending and it was near the time to remove conditions for her Green card, she left me and moved to California. Thinking she may come back I signed the removal of conditions form. She got remarried to a citizen of the USA. I read somewhere there was nothing I could do about getting her deported, since she was remarried to a US citizen unless on the original papers we filed were false. I have been living in her country for 4 years now and have found out almost everything on the forms she told me was not true, the name of her real parents, false, her birth date false, she said she had not been married before, false, she had been. Just about everything on the forms was false information. Now she is try to cause me problems in her country, Thailand. She lives and wants to stay in America and I want to live and stay in Thailand.