Could anyone please guide me how to deal with this situation? I visited Dubai in June-2011 & got a job over there. My employer applied for my employment visa & it took some more time than normal processing time. Meanwhile the official sponsor for my visit visa just absconded me in the immigration three days after I got my employment visa in hand. I tried to negotiate with him and waited almost 20 days having an over stay in Dubai but it all went in vain & I went to Police station to inform them about the situation. They instead of listening me just arrested me and did my eye scans. I was then sent to Sharja Jail and was released by the Police upon official request from the visit visa sponsor. I have paid all outstanding dues & was given an put pass to leave UAE with in five days. So I did and came back to my homeland. I just want to know that how to remove now these eye scans as I am not involved in any criminal activity over there?