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    Jan 27, 2009, 09:21 PM
    Grandaughter of French Citizen Believes Eligible for Dual Citizenship (French/USA)
    I recently visited my Aunt (in California) and she gave me a sparse amount of information to the effect as follows:

    1.) Even though I was born in California and live in Washington State, because my grandmother was a French citizen that never naturalized American (never became and American citizen), I am in effect a French citizen as well, however only without papers.
    2.) Even though I am therefore a French citizen through my grandmother and eligible to obtain said French citizenshp papers, my mother must first complete the process.
    3.) My daughter therefore is also a French citizen, but I must first obtain my papers in order for her to pursue obtaining her papers.

    The meat of my question in a nutshell: Is this information correct and, if so, what steps must be fulfillied in order for me to obtain these papers/passports, my proof of French citizenship, making me a full-fledged French citizen eligible to work and live in France without visas and eligible for all perks and responsibilities as any French citizen and resident?

    1.) What do I need to do?
    2.) What evidence do I need to provide?
    3.) How do I obtain the necessary evidence?
    4.) Where do I need to go and with whom do I need to speak?

    Important (?) information: My grandmother passed away in 1983, and we have very little contact with only one or two remaining reletives in France (via my Aunt in California). I will need very rudimentary and detailed information as outlined above. I will be pursuing this for both my mother and myself, and subsequently/possibly my grown daughter as well (if you want something bad enough, and done correctly, you must do it yourself!).

    To Be Clear: I do NOT want to emmigrate to France at this time. I only want to confirm and solidify my dual citizenship... French, as well as the already obvious American... and need assistance in how this can be and should be done.

    Many thanks. I eagerly await your answer.
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    Aug 26, 2010, 02:32 PM
    I have the same question, only my grandmother is still living in France and my Aunts live there except one. She lives in NC. My mother was starting her process,but decided not to finish it. I called her to see if she'd start it again in order for me to start mine,but she's not sure she wants to deal with the headache. I am married to an Egyptian born citizen and live in the states,but I was born in Germany and was raised in the states all my life. I am a citizen of America since I was a baby,but I want to move to France to be closer to my family there and work in France. I hope someone has an answer for us both about this soon. I hope that the process will be fast and simple. I want to move very soon and that's been a dream of mine since I was child. Anyway, I know I didn't help in an answer,but I hope that someone who reads these will have the answer we both are looking for. If they do, they can e-mail me at [email protected],but that's only for answers to this question only. And if get the answer I'm looking for,then I'll write them down here for you as well.

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