I had B1/B2 visa for 10 years. And I already traveled US through that visa but when I went US second time at Boston airport the immigrant officer canceled my visa and asks me to apply for new visa.

He told me that the purpose for which you want to enter into US is not coming under B1/B2. You have to apply H1b for this. He put some note on my passport and gave my one form and put some text on that form. Please find the below text which he put on my passport.

On passport

WDIER-8CFR 235.4/212(a)(7)(B)(I)(11)
A-200547662 DSDcc2010 Bos-1072-mc

Form which was gave to me contain below text.

Waiver revoked (212)(d)(3)(order attached)
Departure required (8 CFR 240.25)) form I-213 attached)

So please tell me I am eligible for apply new visa or not. Or they put some kind of ban on me.

Prashant Kumar