I had 1 year and 10 months of good balancing but on July of 08 my drawer was $2000 over the bank policy states that a teller must not be over or short this amount after much research neither I nor the bank could explain what happened. I was written up then two months later I was over again and no one could explain it so I was terminated I spoke with HR later asking them will this be on my record should a potential employer call them they said that they would not give out any information only the dates I had been employed. I have been honest on my applications I have not really had any interviews for teller position and I'm sure it's because of my being terminated. My questions are: 1. should answer a differently when asked on the application reason for leaving then once I get my foot in the door explain that I was terminated and the reasons? Or 2.Should continue to put terminated on the application and hope for the best?