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    Apr 25, 2012, 07:37 AM
    Proving identities solver
    PROVE 1+cosa divide by 1-cosa subtract 1-cosa divide by 1+cosa equals 4cota coseca

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Please prove if these two are identity ty. 1SMB02fSMB03SMB01sec(x)-tan(x)?p=199?p=42

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prove that: cot⁡ sin⁡ cos⁡ =1- sin⁡ 2

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I have a project due tom and I have to answer 16 problems and I need help with 3 1.TANx(COTx+TANx)=SEC^2x 2.SINx(1+COT^2x)=CSCx 3.TANxCOSx=COTx(SECx-COSx) Any help will be greatly appreciated thanksssssssss

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