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    Assess the risks arising from actual or poetntial exposure to noise and vibration

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In an action movie, a helicopter with the heroes on board is seen escaping from an underground bunker inside a volcano. The Volcano chimney is 605m tall. The helicopter is moving up with a constant acceleration of 10m/s^2. the villain realized of this and shoots the helicopter with a cannon. If it...

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A parallel-plate air capacitor is made from two plates 0.200m square, spaced 0.700cm apart. It is connected to a 100battery. Part A What is the capacitance?

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I having hard time figuring this out. You are on a cruise ship traveling north at a speed of 15 m/s with respect to land. 3)Your friend is sitting on another cruise ship traveling south at 12 m/s. As you walk toward the back of your ship at 1.8 m/s, what is your velocity with respect to your...

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I should be able to answer this having taken the class, but I'm drawing a blank. A rocket takes off with constant acceleration. After 4 seconds a bolt falls off the rocket. The bolt hits the ground 6.3 seconds after falling off. What is the acceleration of the rocket? Help would be much...

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