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    Sep 16, 2013, 09:39 AM
    Algebra word problem answers and help please ?
    Two of your friends, Matt and Karen, both run to you to settle a dispute. They were working on a math problem and got different answers. Wisely, you decide to look at their work to see if you can spot the source of confusion.


    6 – 4(3 – 5)2 + 30 ÷ 5
    6 – 4(–2)2 + 30 ÷ 5
    6 – 4(4) + 30 ÷ 5
    6 – 16 + 30 ÷ 5
    −10 + 30 ÷ 5
    20 ÷ 5

    6 – 4(3 – 5)2 + 30 ÷ 5
    6 – 4(–2)2 + 30 ÷ 5
    6 – 4(−4) + 30 ÷ 5
    6 + 16 + 30 ÷ 5
    6 + 16 + 6
    22 + 6
    Explain to Matt and Karen who, if any, is correct and identify errors that you find. Provide the correct manner to fix those solutions and identify the correct answer. Use complete sentences.

    2.Ismael is comparing cell phone plans before upgrading his phone. Ameri-Mobile offers a low activation fee, but a high monthly payment. Cell-U-Later offers a lower monthly rate, but the activation fee is higher. Create a possible algebraic expression for both Ameri-Mobile and Cell-U-Later that shows the amount paid after an unknown amount of months have passed. Justify how you created those expressions and identify what each term and factor represents in terms of the cell phone plans.

    3.Ellen works for a high-speed rail company that wants to develop a new rail line. Ellen’s project is to find a train that is the second fastest in the world. The Shinkansen Bullet Train in Japan is reported to go as fast as 320 kilometers per hour. The TGV train in France can reach speeds of 89.44 meters per second. Explain to Ellen how to find what speed her new train must go to be the second fastest in this group. Then, find an appropriate speed for Ellen’s train in miles per hour and use the formula distance = speed • time to find how far the train can go in 2.5 hours. Use complete sentences and show your work.

    4.Beatriz is creating graphs for her city’s Parks Department. Beatriz is trying to persuade the Parks Department to put in more gazebos for shade. For a local park, Beatriz wants to demonstrate the attendance as it changes every week. She also wants to show the temperature changes per month (sometimes temperatures reach below zero). Explain to Beatriz how to make the graphs correctly based on the data that she will collect and what labels, scales, and intervals each axis must have on each graph. Use complete sentences and support your reasoning. Feel free to generate sample data to help support your response.
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    Sep 16, 2013, 09:48 AM
    Since homeork rules REQUIRE you to provide the work...

    Where is the work you did?
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    Sep 18, 2013, 04:38 PM
    Question 1 Answer:

    Karen was wrong because the problem was supposed to be 6-4(4)+30/5 like matt did 6-(6)+30/5 , -10+30/5 , 10+6 matt was also incorrect because he added -10+30 before dividing 30/5 the answer is -4.

    Question 2 Answer:

    If Ameri-Mobile activation fee is $50.00 and $55.00 is the monthly payment and x will be the number of month after Ismael get the cell phone plan, the expression Is: 50 + 55x
    If Cell-U-Later activation fee is $75.00 and $45.00 is the monthly payment and x will be the number of month after Ismael get the cell phone plan: the expression Is: 75 + 45x

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