We just moved into a rental home today. I've noticed a gas-like smell, in the laundry area, which also houses the furnace and water heater. I know the heater is gas, not sure about the water heater, but I don't smell it in the front room, where the door is to the water heater... they are in the same spot, but the home is fairly small, and I guess that's the only way they could get to it.. was by putting a door on the opposite side... anyway, my question is, what am I smelling? I know it is not sewer gas... I had that problem in the old place. Its not really strong, but its enough to worry me. It's cold out, and I have two children. 2 and 13. My 2 yr old is has had a fever for the last 2 days, so she's coughing. My son is not, and neither am I. I'm overly tired, but like I said, we did just move today. Is it safe to sleep tonight... its after midnight... or should I call gas company now?