Today I decided to get the house alarm working in a house. I bought a new battery and it will run the DSC 1550 just fine. The problem is that without the battery the DSC 1550 will not turn on. I went to the local Alarm company and picked up a new tranformer for the 1550 but it still will not turn on the lights to the key pad. Also, I looked EVERYWHERE on the motherboard and could not find a fuse. I was told there might be some tiny fuses in the upper left of the mother board but I do not see one. Another tech told me that some DSC 1550 do not have fuses.

I am stumped. Could something be blown out on the mother board that is not letting power pass through from the new transformer to the alarm? Wires are in good shape.

I am not techy enough to meter anything on the board but any advise would be greatly appreciated! Thanks