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    Aug 1, 2008, 07:09 AM
    Connecting DSC power 1832 alarm to phone line
    Hello - I have a DSC power series 1832 alarm system that I want to connect to a central monitoring station. I have connected it to the phne line via a RJ31X telephone jack and cord set. I set up the system to monitor the phone line such that it should report an error when the phone line is no longer sensed. Sure enough, when I unplug the phone line from the alarm system, the alarm detects the situation and gives me an error message. The message goes away when I reconnect the line. As a further test, I set up the system to answer incoming calls after 3 rings (this is for remote programming). Like clockwork, after 3 rings, the phone goes dead which tells me the alarm system is able to disconnect the rest of the house from the phone line. What is strange is I don't hear it picking up the phone however. I am expecting to hear a series of beeps (like when calling a fax machine or modem) but don't hear anything but the phone continuing to ring. What should I hear? Finally, I told the alarm to call my cell phone to perform auto remote programming (of course I don't expect remote programming to work - I just wanted to see if the alarm could dial out) and my cell never rings. The alarm is doing something, because once again, the home phone goes dead, so I know the alarm is taking control of the land line. So, I am wondering if I may have the two wires from the land line into the alarm system reversed. Could this prevent it from dialing out?

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    Aug 1, 2008, 09:14 AM
    I don't know about this particular alarm.

    An alarm system is usually not programmed by it dialing out, it's programmed by someone dialing in. You might say how? Make a call to the house. One way is to let it ring a few times and immediately call back. The alarm should answer with a tone if it works in this fashion.

    Your's seems to operate more securely.

    Your cell won't be able to call the alarm system normally. To test the cell, you'll need a phone numer of a fax machine or a modem.. If you don't have one, go to the nearest Staples and get their incoming fax number. Call it from the cell.

    Bet your Cell dies as soon as it answers UNLESS it has CSD or Carrier Switched Data enabled.

    I believe for your test to be valid, you would have to insert a triple modular adapter at the NID (Network Interface Device) outside, but you would have to have a high Z line monitor (Telephone test set) to check, because any extra phone will disturb the listen for dial tone.

    The line going dead on the inside line would confirm that the alarm system is seizing the line although that doesn't make sense for programming. It doesn't mean it can't.

    If your alarm answers after 3 rings and evidently it does, go to a neighbor's house, your office or a pay phone to check if you get the answer tone (single tone).

    The alarm generally can't dial out unless programmed. Mabe yours can.

    As for your last and final question; telephone polarity sometimes matters and sometimes does not. All your phones in your house could work and the alarm not because all your phones are polarity insensitive.

    If you own a voltmeter, you can check. Do you?

    Remember that modular phone cords are wired with a twist. They are not connected pin 1 to to pin1. Pin 1 connects to pin 6 etc. The cord itself swaps polarity.

    The peculier problem of the cell not ringing does seem to be a problem. It could very well be a polariy issue.
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    Aug 1, 2008, 10:25 AM
    Be sure you have dial tone(co line to red and green on RJ31X jack)gray and brown is premise(inside house phones). Wonder if you have them reversed.
    plug a regular phone in the 8 pin 31X jack to see if you have dial tone, Center 2 pins are CO line, and outer 2 pins are premise(of the 8 pins).

    Like Kiss is saying, a telephone test set will let you to Monitor line to hear digits dialed, a digit grabber will confirm digits dialed.
    The line monitor will produce the trouble light if programmed to do so. If not monitored, it needs to be disabled to prevent the trouble light from lighting.
    Be sure Communication is Enabled. maybe location #380?
    I will dig up manual later, Lunch break. Good Luck take care.
    Also, If you only have a Meter. See if voltage drops to about 6-9 volts, from the 48 volts on hook, when it is suppose to be dialing.
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    Aug 1, 2008, 03:49 PM
    Communication enabled is done location #380/option 1 ON.
    The manual is confusing about the phone connections, The bottom right 4 terminals should be:Red, Green, Gray, Brown(left to right)from 31X cord.
    Are you using the 5580 Telephone Interface and Automation Control board?
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    Aug 6, 2008, 06:29 AM
    Most monitoring companies will be GLAD to program for you to get monitoring account.
    Why not just have it call you and even be able to listen in? This is Free monitoring.

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