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A question for the electrically inclined...
Asked by ChrisLW47130, Oct 24, 2016 11:28 PM in Interior Home Improvement
I recently swapped out my old, very dated porch lights for some nice, new stainless steel models. After that, I took out the old fluorescent fixture...
Wiring a 5 wire OFM correctly with CPL130433-01 Defrost board?
Asked by Halloween58, Yesterday 05:05 PM in Heating & Air Conditioning
Last June I bought an old house; last winter I noticed the outside unit freezing up- defrost cycle not working. I recently purchased a new board...
Comment on Washer Drain setup
Asked by badboi, Yesterday 10:08 AM in Plumbing
Hi, I am installing a new washer dryer. When I opened up the walls there was already supply and drainage lines (opposite site of wall has...
Miller CHF80-PO manual
Asked by vistailey, Yesterday 10:34 AM in Heating & Air Conditioning
Where can I get a manual for the CHF80-PO ?
Medium cable jointing
Asked by becoo20, Oct 24, 2016 11:10 PM in Electrical & Lighting
I need technical information about joint between different size of mv cable like between 120 sqr. Mm & 70 mm sqr. If it possible BR Bakri
Installation Neoprene gasket wall hung toilet
Asked by 68mustang, Oct 24, 2016 08:52 PM in Plumbing
How to install Neoprene gasket on wall hung toilet Glue to tank? pipe outlet?/
2003 Ford Windstar - squeaking sound from engine & stalling?
Asked by 1dazed1, May 22, 2010 06:34 PM in Cars & Trucks
Under suggestion of a friend, removed belt to diagnose if problem was alternator. Removed serpentine belt & started van. Squeaking continued, so...
How deep for footings on deck
Asked by caulion, Oct 24, 2016 11:21 AM in Exterior Home Improvement
How deep must holes be dug for footings on a deck?
Cal spa emptied and refilled jets don't turn
Asked by nnash40, Oct 22, 2016 12:24 PM in Electrical & Lighting
Cal spa
Can a 2" pvc sanitary pipe be used for floor drain?
Asked by bat211966, Oct 23, 2016 09:21 AM in Plumbing
A toilet floor drain pipe is to be used with 2" pvc pipe,can it be posible?
Does Bryant furnace model394gad024050 have a flame sensor if so where is it located
Asked by Tjohnant, Oct 23, 2016 12:51 PM in Heating & Air Conditioning
Does a Bryant furnace model 394gad024050 have a flame sensor if so where is it located furnace comes on then shuts off. Try to find flame sensor...
Rear Seatbelt Chocking...
Asked by NorPlan, Oct 23, 2016 11:20 AM in Cars & Trucks
Previous Car had a 6" Slide Adjustment for the Rear Seatbelt Body Strap at the point where the Belt entered the Side Window Post... Our present car a...
My chihuahua came in front outside acting in pain and now her skin is red and warm al
Asked by Tacobelle1220, Oct 15, 2016 06:35 AM in Dogs
My chihuahua has red skin and acting like she was hurting when she came in from outside but I don't know what could b wrong ki
Water backing up from sump pump
Asked by SusanneX10, Oct 21, 2016 02:11 AM in Plumbing
The sump pump installed 2 years ago is found to malfunction. During downpour, I can see water receding back all over the basement… When does this...
Island sink drain problem
Asked by Hcindy82000, Oct 18, 2016 07:11 PM in Plumbing
The island sink has a loop vent under the sink. I installed an AAV and that didn't help. I snaked the drain from under the sink as well as from the...
Pegasus faucet
Asked by LagunaTrace, Oct 21, 2016 12:45 PM in Plumbing
My kitchen Pegasus faucet is leaking from where it swivels. We can't figure out what model it is! Are the parts compatible with another brand? Home...
New battery in remote and still having issues engaging door opener
Asked by ernietsg, Oct 22, 2016 07:44 AM in Electrical & Lighting
The distance between remote and door opener has progressively gotten shorter until now it is only intermittently working even standing under the door...
Exterior door
Asked by Hol, Oct 22, 2016 05:58 AM in Exterior Home Improvement
I'm in the process of buying a house it has a enclosed breeze way that only has a storm door. I want to put a entry locking door their along with the...
Overhead Garage door 45A
Asked by Karilynette72, Oct 21, 2016 04:07 PM in Home Electronics
How do I program my remote?
Hope to Remove Urinal Hard Deposits
Asked by mfastfred, Oct 19, 2016 01:21 PM in Plumbing
I have a commercial urinal with hard deposits restricting the drain water flow. What is a good way to remove the deposits hopefully without removal...

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