Hi. I'm having trouble figuring this out and would appreciate any help you can offer. My current setup is, I have a Vizio M220NV HDTV, along with a Comcast Motorola DVR DCH3416, and a low-end Philips DVD player HTS3011 with surround sound system all hooked together.

I'm running a HDMI cable from the cable DVR DCH3416 to the TV.

I am running the older red and white audio cable from the DVD player to the DCH3416 and a yellow video cable from the video out on the DVD player to the yellow video on the TV. The audio plugs are in Aux 1 on the DVD player and Audio Out on the DCH3416.

So when I have the TV on with cable TV programs and when I play a DVD on the Philips system I am getting sound through the Philips system and don't have the TV speakers even on. (The sound on the TV speakers alone is not good, very tinny).

My issue is when I use the SMART TV apps I can only get sound through the TV speakers and not through the sound system. Which means if I want to do the Netflix streaming on my SMART TV I'll only be able to get the tinny TV sound.

Do I need to upgrade my surround sound system or is there something I'm missing on how to get this all hooked up correctly? No optical audio or HDMI connection on the Philips system. Tried hooking an additional red/white audio cable from Aux 2 on the Philips to the TV red/white plug in's and that didn't work. Is it possibly an audio setting on the TV wrong?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.