My Onida Tv is 4 months old
All of a sudden it went black but the sound was coming
Tried turning it off and on for a few days but was unable to get any picture. Finally took it to the service center since there is no home service in Saudi Arabia.
He turns it on He does nothing and it comes.
So he says everything is fine. I come back home plug in the set and experience the same problem only sound can't see any display no menu option volume movement.
Tried the set in various plug points since here we have both 110 and 220 v
Finally in one socket I got the blue back but for half a min
Then tried the next day again same thing tried to plug in receiver again it went black. Static is there sound there remote works also
Finally yesterday I got the blue back plugged in receiver havenít budged the TV or turned off the power switch. Too afraid to thinking the TV will go off.
What could be the problem?
The service center is too far off and then the set has to be carried up three flights of steps any suggestions. Please help with your ideas.