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    Dec 5, 2006, 07:46 PM
    Moving horizontal bands
    I just replaced my front projection TV with a new rear projection HDTV. I had horizontal line/lines that moved up the picture in the old set and was hoping it would go away with the new set…no such luck. New set uses only the component inputs from my audio/video equipment that is located on another wall. Old set had audio/video inputs running under carpet to projector. Help! What's going on? :confused:
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    Dec 7, 2006, 05:57 PM

    1. I have cable
    2. I have the problem using all devices: cable, dvd, laserdisc, and vcr
    3. This is a new set of cables (component)
    4. This is the only tv in the house

    Thanks for your interest.:)

    Quote Originally Posted by clouded
    The good news its not your tv. You could check the convergence for fun, but i dont think it would help.

    I am going to need more in fo from you.
    1. do you have cable, satalite?
    2. have you tried using a dvd player or vcr, does it still have the lines.
    3. have you tried using a new set of a/v cables(white,red,yellow) or composite wires(white,red,blue,green,another red)
    4. does this happen to other tvs in the house.

    let me know
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    Dec 15, 2006, 07:34 PM
    Actually I figured it out myself. The problem was caused by interference from either the cable or spikey power. Anyway a high-quality surge protector/filter solved the problem. The brand I bousht was Monster from my local best Buy, not cheap, but it fixed the problem and protects all my audio and video gear. :D

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