Total Control James Hardie Irrigation: Was helping my neighbor to trouble shoot why theirs was not working. Substituted our transformer for theirs -- wella it worked! Unfortunately, a couple of days later, my transformer also gave up the ghost. (FYI, both of our systems are about 14 yrs old.)

Neighbor then told me that one of their stations was not operating prior to all this. However, if there is a short in one of stations, the unit is suppose to shut down that station and let all the others work -- according to the manual.

Took a look at all the circuit boards, etc. no obvious "burn" marks, etc.
Have no idea what the voltages/amps/ohms are supposed to be on the various componets.

Also, of interest, the installers didn't ground the unit -- same on my unit. They would have had to run another wire but it would have to back in through the wall in the garage... I guess it would have been too much work for the installers, plus, if it blows the unit... they get money for coming out and replacing the unit.

Any help would be appreciated.


So, replace valve for that station?

Get new transformer? ( $40 ).