I would really appreciate if I could get some advice as how to hook up a DVD recorder in an efficient way
I have two different cable boxes to view TV channels and a Daewoo DVD recorder
The HD cable box 1 is connected to the TV via HDMI cable and this box has an in-built TV recorder.
The other box and the Recorder have two Scart ports (named TV and VCR/ VCD . I am not aware which functions as IN and OUT) and I believe some other ports like (composite and component output) and no HDMI. The composite port in the recorder I believe is an input port.
What is the best way to hook up the TV, HD Cable box 1, Recorder and cable box 2 so that I could play VCD's and or record Channels from Box 1 to DVD (which I believe only in real time is possible) and Box 2 channels either in real time or on the back ground.
Can I also record a Channel from the Box 2 whilst watching a channel on Box 1or a some other channel on the box 2
Please can someone help me to hook up the boxes in a best possible way to avoid too many cable connections and minimise the need to keep many equipment powered on un-necessarily.