This has been child's play in the past. But now it ain't - something I'm missing is occurring, and I would be most appreciative of any assistance offered.

This conundrum involves a Toshiba SDV98KC2 DVD/VHS combo player, a Telus digital cable box (connected via Ethernet to the DSL hub), and an old TV which only has a coaxial input.

The connection between the combo player and TV is coax as I don't have an RF modulator and the TV has no other input.

I have tried four variations of connecting the devices together, consisting of wiring configuration (Cable -> Toshiba -> TV (CTT) or Toshiba -> Cable -> TV (TCT) ) and cable use (either coax or RCA) between the cable box and combo player.

1) Cable -> (Coax) -> Toshiba -> TV
2) Toshiba -> (Coax) -> Cable -> TV
3) Cable -> (RCA) -> Toshiba -> TV
4) Toshiba -> (RCA) -> Cable -> TV

The result is the same in all variations: the TV shows the cable signal, and, though the combo player does function (as the lights on the front change in accordance with the buttons I press), I get no signal from the player.

To add to this, the TV/Video button on the cable provider provided multifunction remote no longer displays "CABLE 3" when pressed. I suspect this may be related, but this remains, at this time, only a suspicion.

Is the combo player supposed to automatically cut off the signal between the cable box and the TV, or is there a button or configuration I haven't seen or tried, respectively?

Again, thanks for any help on this one.