Hello. I just got a new DVD player and I need some help connecting it.
I already had my TV connected to a Dish Network DVR receiver. My TV is older and only has one cable connection on the back of it, which the Dish Network receiver is connected to.
When I got my DVD player, I was under the impression that I could easily hook the DVD player directly to the audio/video jacks on the back of the Dish Network receiver. I tried this my connecting the audio/video out from the DVD player into the audio/video in on the Dish Network receiver. I thought that I could use the TV/Video button on the Dish Network remote to switch from TV to DVD mode. This did not work at all. No audio or video from DVD player.
I also tried the same with the S-Video connections on the back of the DVD player and Dish Network receiver.
Can I hook my DVD player directly to my Dish Network receiver? What am I doing wrong? Please help.
Thank you!