I've been looking for the exact answer to my specific problem, but I haven't been able to find it yet. I hope someone can help me.

Here's my equipment:
Comcast Scientific Atlanta HDDVR cable box (8300HD, 1 HDMI out, component Out 1, composite Out 2, digital audio)
Samsung LCD HDTV (LNT4065F, brand new, lots of connection options)
Panasonic DVD recorder (SMR-ES15) (from 2006, no HDMI)
Sony STR-DG910 receiver (HDMI, composite, component, but no S-video)
Samsung upconverting DVD player
Sony Playstation2

I haven't been able to figure out how to hook up the DVD recorder into this. This is what I have currently:

HDMI out from DVR to "Sat" on receiver
Samsung DVD player HDMI out to "DVD" on receiver
PS2 component out to "Video 1" on receiver
Everything then goes HDMI out to TV. The receiver upscales to HDMI.
When I watch TV, I have to turn on the DVR and the receiver, and the receiver is set to "Sat". To play PS2, I use Video 1. For DVD, I use DVD, of course. There is a Video 2 on the receiver that can be used. All sound is pumped through the receiver; TV speakers are not used.

What I want to do is record shows onto my SciAtl HDDVR, then record onto the DVD recorder. I realize it won't be HD quality, etc. I get that. But it *needs* to go through the HDDVR, because obviously that's the only way I get digital channels (like, for example, The Hallmark Channel, which has movies I can record for my mother, who doesn't get digital cable). I don't want to use a splitter. The recorder would only be used to record.

I have entertained the option of using composite Out 2 from the HDDVR to the DVD recorder (as the manual suggests when using a VCR to record from the DVR), and then recorder to the TV, bypassing the receiver. BUT... since I need to have the receiver on to watch TV (and use the DVR) would this work?

I've been through two different online forums and no one has responded! Any help would be greatly appreciated, as this is driving me crazy. :confused: