This will probably be the first of several posts. My house was built in the 70s, most likely by people on acid. :D

I have removed my ceiling fan from the ceiling and the wires WERE as follows:

Black to Black
White to White
Blue (fan) to Red (ceiling)

My new fan (Hampton Bay Vercelli) has a receiver. The receiver has only two wires to connect to the ceiling (a black and a white wire). So, I assumed that since the receiver would control both the light and the fan, I capped off the red wire (from my ceiling) and hooked up the balck to black an the white to white, right? WRONG!! :mad: It didn't work.

I don't know if it makes any difference that at my switch plate, there are three switches, only one operated the old fan, the other two go to the ouside and entryway lights. The one that operated the old fan has a black wire stuck in the bottom hole, a red wire stuck in the top hole and a red wire screwed to the screw on the side.

I will need to know how to hook up my new fan light switch also, since it has two black wires... One black wire that has a "To Fan, Do not Connect To Nuetral White Wire" label, and another black wire that has a "To Power Supply, Do not Connect To Nuetral White Wire" label.

One two three steps would be great since I'm a blonde... thank you so much!!