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    Oct 11, 2007, 05:06 PM
    Looking for small town business-to-business service need I'm qualified for
    I hope someone out there can help! Some entrepreneur who's already made this discovery and who can hep me do similar.

    Seems everything I can think of nobody would pay any $ for me to do.

    I am 7 yr stay at home MOM w/ 2 kids now just both in school and I really need to find work I can do to make $. I am hampered by living in remote rural location, small town. Hampered by work day is only 8:30 to 2:30 while kids are in school (and after 8pm when kids are in bed) as my husband works erratically and when he is working he is on the road, so I have no reliable support at home when kids aren't in school. Can't afford any sitters. Rather than try to get a job that fits those times I want to MAKE a job that I can do as sole proprietorship.

    My trouble is I HAVE NO LIFE for past several years I've done nothing but raise kids and clean house and take care of pets and do a bit of gardening but

    I'm smart, college grad (but in a hard to market English degree) my last REAL job was in computerized typesetting, but those skills are SO OUTDATED!

    I can learn most things myself from a book I've TAUGHT MYSELF Paint Shop Pro, Quick Books, WORD, etc. pretty much basic stuff. I know a bit of HTML but don't kow a thing about doing websites, etc. and obviously have NO MARKETING SKILLS.

    And although I have computer skills, I absolutely HATE computers. Gets so I don't want to turn it on. It sucks the life out of me (slow connection), makes my eyes go bad.

    I love the outdoors, dabble in gardening, but aren't an expert in anything. I can name plants and flowers and weeds and know a BIT about grafting.

    I have excellent problem solving skills and attention to details.

    I fear any job that would have me going alone into someone's home to do it, as I have an incient of rape in my history.

    I don't have the $ or marketing skills to tie up in inventory based/retail business, as I would be the last person on earth to know what's trendy, don't know how to market on-line and don't have a store front.

    I would be anxious to provide a business-to-business service, if I had ANY IDEA what I could offer and what people would actually NEED and pay for. I realize that finding solutions to problems is key but I don't kow anything about my target market's problems, since I don't work there!

    I am good at technical writing, I can explain things in a way people understand (as I can read and follow a book, myself, to learn things.)

    I'm afraid I'm so introverted and not extroverted.

    How do I find out what other people NEED? I do care, I just don't know how to begin.

    I need concrete advice telling me what to do, not generalizations. Anybody out there who can help??
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    Oct 16, 2007, 09:10 AM

    Instead of trying to offer a business to business service that you don't even know what is, try going into business for yourself. Use ALL your skills to make YOU better off.

    Given the above, I'd go into the Ebay selling business. Go to garage sales, and buy things, and then sell 'em on Ebay.

    I know - not exciting - but doable.

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    Oct 16, 2007, 09:29 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by excon

    Given the above, I'd go into the Ebay selling business. Go to garage sales, and buy things, and then sell 'em on Ebay.

    Thanks. I've toyed with the idea of launching more into exactly that as well as local flea markets, craft shows, etc. I can make some interesting creative unique things. --(But are they only interesting to me?)

    E-Bay, in particular, tho: I've done a little of that, but, I guess I don't know how to MARKET that either. Are there any tips you know that can affect how an E-Bay listing gets noticed or the best way to post it? I've done buy it nows and reserves, too timid to throw it out there and see what it brings at auction. Is there a way to try to ensure that if I bought something for $5 it won't sell for only 99 cents if I start bidding there? I feel like E-Bay is like investing. I have absolutley no control. But yet I know that a GOOD salesman knows how to crteat a need in poepl to want to buy something.

    Again, any concrete advice appreciated. I feel like such a nin com poop with this marketing thing... Mostly comes from being so isolated, I think, both as a stay at home Mom and in a small town...
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    Oct 16, 2007, 10:46 AM
    Helo again:

    Nope. There are no guarantees in business. You're going to lose money on some things, but you'll make a jillion on others. You just got to step on out there.

    If you like something, say why. Plus, there are courses on Ebay marketing. Bottom line. GO FOR IT!

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    Oct 16, 2007, 10:50 AM
    Have you considered real estate appraisals? You can make appointments on your time and it doesn't require the people skills that a real estate salesperson needs. There is the start up cost of getting your license, but there is that in almost any home business.
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    Nov 15, 2007, 08:57 AM
    Hello QuakeART, Here is some concrete advice. 1) make a plan 2) execute it. OK - simple enough, but not easy. For number 1) to be useful you should first consider what (a) you "like to do" and (b) "what you are good at." If they are the same, then you have the best chance for success. If either of those are not really money makers, then research first. For example, in my case, I went to college for theatre/film/TV production and direction; I have been in technology for 25 years, and for half of that I have been entrepreneurial. I am good at and love media production, technology, and business development. People seek me out for consulting, contracting and more in these areas. Among my variety of business activities, twenty months ago I found another opportunity that satisfies all three of these areas for me ( While this may not be "the right" opportunity for you, I encourage that you begin with (a) and (b) above. Also note that I said "another opportunity." Generally, the most successful people I know (and I hang around with a lot of them, and they with me) are involved in multiple revenue generating opportunities. You eat a variety of foods, have more than one friend, why put all your income producing eggs into one basket? For number 2) to be rewarding you must have a "never give up" work ethic, the right opportunity, and mentors interested in your success. Also, trust your instincts - it's very likely you know best what's best for you. Contact me for advice. Best wishes for success.

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