Hi. OK, so my husband and I have "together" found a beautiful place in the Dominican, that we would like to go to. My HUSBAND's only stipulation was "who is going to watch the kids". ((he is not one to 'bother' our family and friends for stuff like that)) So, in the past week or so, I have arranged to have our 3 children cared for by my husband's sister and my mom. It's all in place. I've also booked the Vacation already and have our Resort Confirmation and Flight booked.

I have had a lot of suggestions on how to 'give' this to him Christmas morning. ALL our family will be with us Christmas Morning to open gifts with our kids. I was thinking about the Scavenger Hunt, but I just don't think I'll be able to get him to actually 'go on the scavenger hunt' lol. He's not really into that sort of thing.

I also thought of buying him a new carry on suitcase and fill it with Dominican pesos, his swimsuit, suntan lotion etc. along with the tickets and a binder full of pictures of the Resort?

I want him to know that it's all been arranged with his Sister and my Mom too...

Does anyone have any clever ideas??