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    Nov 26, 2009, 05:47 PM
    Old cartoon christmas movies
    This is a cartoon movie where the lead characters are worms based on christmas 1980's I think

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I remember when I was a child watching a Christmas show/movie.. . I can't remember which one. Anyway the characters were dressed like reindeer, although they were human. One character sticks out to me, he had a brown painted nose.. . And would always come up close to the screen and talk (like he...

Old Christmas cartoon, I think [ 3 Answers ]

The style was very old. Kind of like vintage Mickey style. I only remember bits and pieces. I use to have this ages ago on VHS. One was of a toymaker. The cartoon was just about him making all these toys in his shop. I believe they come to life, but I don't recall. Another part was a little...

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Hi! I've been trying to remember this movie for ever but with no luck so please help! - from the 80's - had a big english sheepdog and little english sheepdog (the grey and white shaggy ones) - they could talk and were trying to get away from "bad guys" - might had drove a plane - big...

Christmas movies [ 1 Answers ]

I forgot the title for the following two movies: 1) One, where a sick little girl wanted a Christmas tree and his father couldn't make her deam come true. The forrest animals transplanted a christmas tree just in front of her window and decorated, for the little to see and enjoy. 2) A wolf...

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