Hi Everyone,

Well it's getting close to Christmas, and many of us (myself included) are on a very tight budget this year. I thought that maybe we could all help each other out. No, I'm not talking about donating money, but maybe we can all help each other find those "must have" Christmas gifts for the lowest prices possible, so our kids and family can have a great Christmas this year.

So post what you're looking for, post your Christmas list, and let's see if we can all help find these items and save money doing it.

Also, how do you cut down that Christmas list? Who's on your list and why? Do you buy things just because someone has bought for you in the past, or do you just stick to those you're closest to, or you immediate family? Is it okay to cut people out because you really can't afford it? If so, how do you tell them, or do you tell them?

So many things to deal with when the holiday season is upon us. It's so stressful, especially when you don't have unlimited funds.

Maybe we can all help each other get through it this year.

This thread is open for any discussion, so come one come all. :)