I live in Chicago and will turn 40 February of 2011. I want to do something fun and memorable. I've thought of taking a trip or just having some kind of party here. I'm looking for help for some unique ideas. I don't want to just go to dinner.

1. I would want my 2 kids involved - they're 1 and 3 yrs old
2. I don't drink so not really interested in just going to a bar or nightclub (plus then the kids can't come)
3. If I stay in Chicago, I would probably invite my extended family, which mostly consists of 60-70 yr olds

I'm at a loss of what to do. Open to a trip somewhere for a long weekend maybe but it would need to be relatively inexpensive. Open to something in the city like a cool place to eat and then followed by entertainment or something.

Help please!