I recently got two new matching (well they are supposed to be) tattoos on my wrists. I got these beautiful americana designs of the chicago skyline on my left wrist and the minneapolis skyline on my right wrist. I didn't really notice it at the shop because he did each wrist separately but the one on my right is about an inch higher than the one on my left. Its also off center and crooked and kind of wraps around my arm. The buildings in the right one are also a lot taller than the ones in the left. He told me this was going to happen because, when he drew it, it was too wide for my wrist so he had to elongate it in the copier. But now that I look at it, he totally could have shortened them after elongating the original design. So, now I'm stuck with one awesome tattoo, and one that sucks. And they're on my wrists so I can't stop looking at them. It's driving me crazy. I really don't know what to do, I don't think you could really add anything to them because the buildings are still off center and crooked and adding something won't change that. I'm seriously thinking about getting it removed and redone. What do I say to my tattoo artist? Do I ask for a refund? Do I ask him to help with the removal? Do I ask him to redo it for free? I really liked him and don't want to make him feel bad, but I did feel like he was rushing through the process as he was tattooing me at closing. I also think it was his responsibility to see if the stencils matched before he etched them into my skin. HELP!!